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Saif Ali Khan wants to make films for Kareena


Saif Ali Khan is back to his producing ways after a brief stint with Being Cyrus and this time he is back with Homi Adjani again.

Saif warns, “But not right away. We’ll be doing it next year. I’ll produce a film and it’s not really a period film.”

Saif explains, “It would be a period film. But it won’t feel like one. By that I mean it’d be very contemporary in terms of actions and emotions. But in order to make those actions and emotions credible the plot will be set in the past. Part of my character might have some thugi traits. But I don’t play a thug, as defined in the history books.”

The Chote Nawab makes it clear that he is gonna rope in his ladylove Kareena Kapoor for his future productions.

Saif adds, “I’d love to make films for Kareena and my sister Soha. But I don’t have to star in all my productions. See, initially the whole idea was to give myself a chance to produce films and do the roles I wasn’t being offered.”

“Now when I’m in my first three production being directed by Imtiaz Ali, Sriram Raghavan and Homi Adjania I don’t mind playing just the producer in future.”

Well let’s see if Saifoo’s other movies with Bebo make it big on the box office or are big duds like Tashan.

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