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Kangna Ranaut at Fashion Photocall

Madhur Bhandarkar recently unveiled the look of his forthcoming film “Fashion”. And ironically one of the film’s leading ladies, Kangana Ranaut turned up in a very fashionably wierd outfit.


To be honest the outfit wasn’t all that bad, only that she chose the wrong occasion to wear it. PLUS the worst way to accesorize it. She wore something like a shiny yellow satin ribbon across her neck that made her stand out. On top of that she styled her hair bad with red roses. Not forgetting to add to the list of blunders – her caked makeup. Oh God! The most unfortunate thing was – Kangana seems to have designed the dress herself… Now you know why her look sucks! LOL
On the other hand the other leading ladies of the film Priyanka Chopra and Mugdha Godse looked elegant. So what do you think about Kangana’s look? Who do you think looks best of the three in the picture?


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  1. himsingz

    February 8, 2010 at 7:30 am

    The other girls are certainly looking better dressed. But they don’t have Kangana’s arresting face. Clothes can only do so much.

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