Bollwood's Poll Of The Day

Question: In the Khans Split, whose side do u take: SRK or Salman Khan???

6 thoughts on “Bollwood's Poll Of The Day

  1. how can u call salman khan whatever you like jasmin?if u dont know how to respect then dont talk crap about them.salman is good human being.dont compare srk and sallu bhai.they both r good.and one more thing shahrukh might have more fans than salman but no one will accepy that srk is better looking than salman.

  2. of course shahrukh!! what a stupid question to ask us !! more than half the people on this page have said shahrukh and that to for various reasons!!

    srk is the best
    srk is the best at acting
    srk is the best at dancing
    srk is the best at comedy
    srk is the best at looking the best
    srk is the king khan
    srk is badhsha of bollywood
    srk is the best as a host
    srk rocks bollywood

    salman is a fucking gay pig
    salman is a gay retard
    salman is a fat baby who fights over every small issue
    salman is a stupis asshole
    salman is a drunkard
    salman robbed aishwarya off her virginity
    salman molested with katrina in her private van
    salman is a frog eyed freak
    salman is a ma di pudee
    salman is a penjode
    salman is a pen di pudee
    salman is a fucking stupid mothe fucker!!

    srk is the king khan and badhsha of bollywood!!!!! so fuck off you salman fucking mother fucker go to fucking hell!! gay pig !

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