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"The name is Rajnikanth"

No, this is not the name of an upcoming James Bond flick in which superstar Rajni stars ;). It’s the name of the superstar’s biography written by Dr Gayathri Srikanth and published by ‘Om Books International’. The biography was released at Hotel Taj Connemera in Chennai on March 6th.

Famous journalist Cho Ramaswamy released the book, and the first copy of the book was given to daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth.

rajnikanth.jpgCho Ramaswamy went all out to praise Rajnikanth. He credited Rajnikanth’s spectacular success to his hardwork, dedication and spiritual mind-set. The renowned journalist was also confident that if Rajni becomes the ruler of the state he would provide a clean government and will make Tamil Nadu first amongst the finest states of India.

Daughter Soundarya who represented the superstar at the function said, “It’s a tribute and my dad is very happy that someone has taken this effort”

Writer Dr. Gayathri Srikant also thanked everyone including Rajnikanth for helping her in completing the book.
The biography is priced at Rs 490, and has 375 pages with pictures of the superstar. Approximately 20,000 copies of the biography have already hit the stands.

The book traces Rajnikanth life from his childhood, his success, his spiritual side, his chemistry with his co-stars, to his present scenario, where the author discusses the possibility of Rajni’s entry into politics.

The book is also going to be translated into Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi for all Rajni. The book is also being translated for the fans of Rajini in Japan

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