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John Abraham advises his fans to be safe and slow.

No we are not talking about safe sex here, it is about John’s favorite subject “BIKES” :). The sexy dude was cautioning young riders about road safety.

He said,” Please wear a helmet please be safe, there is no use of going too fast. As even if you want the girls to see you, they wont be able to see you if you go that fast, so please go very slow,”

When asked about is most interesting ride till date, John exclaimed, “My most interesting ride till now has been the Baha 1000, that’s at the border of California and Mexico, I rode about 1000 miles and that’s the most special ride for me.”

The biker dude also showed his concern about bikes and budget, “I support bikers whole heartedly, so I will be very happy if the price of the bikes is reduced, because after Nano I think the price of bikes should be reduced”

No wonder he loves his bikes most next to sexy Bipasha Basu.

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