Akshay And Katrina Paired Together Always




Akshay is paired with Katrina in a series of movies and this s raising eye brows in the industry. 

Not just critical comments the couple is also receiving lot of appreciative comments from critics and audiences.

Askhay, 40, was paired with Katrina in Namaste London and he also is set to appear opposite Katrina once again in Anees Bazmee’s Welcome, slated for release Friday, December 21. He also features opposite her in another of his forthcoming film, Anees Bazmee’s Singh Is Kinng. According to a tabloid report the frequent pairing and good onscreen chemistry between

Akshay and Katrina is believed to have rattled Salman Khan who is romantically linked with Katrina Kaif.

Akshay explains why he considers the pairing both successful and sought after by producers.

“Katrina is easy going and takes her work seriously but with a smile…. There is no reason not to have fun and shoot,” he says.

“Katrina still exudes freshness in every film and that makes her likeable – a rare asset and a goldmine for any actor,” he adds.

When asked by a reporter as to why he has been recommending Katrina Kaif to all his producers Akshay’s answer was matter-of-fact.

“I’m not out to spoil her really. I’m making life easy for a colleague. I struggled once. Why should someone else go through that?” he asks.    


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