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Aziz Producing Movie With Shahid Instead Of Sharukh


Aziz Mirza’s next project will be shot in a foreign location, with Shahid as the lead.  “My new film, for which we’ve found no suitable title as yet, is set in a foreign city. I made a conscious decision to move out of Mumbai this time,” Aziz told the reporters.  There have been rumors all around tinsel town about how Aziz and his protege Shah Rukh have drifted and separated apart.   

Aziz is genuinely surprised and shocked at the rumors. 

“Not at all. Juhi (Chawla) and Shah Rukh are like my own children. How can I move away from them? The only reason why Shah Rukh is not in my new film is because this role required a young boy, just out of college.” 

“In fact the minute Juhi heard the role she said she could see a younger Shah Rukh in it. That’s how Shahid Kapoor came in.”  Well all the very best Shahid, we wish you too become an overnight star.   



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