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Is Saif Serious About Kareena?

The recent break-up between Kareena and Shahid is become a sensational news in the industry. Saif had admitted that he is going around with Kareena and it has also been proved that he is the new man in Kareena’s life as the two are spotted together in many places. BUT the question here is – Is Saif fooling around with Kareena or is he really in Love with her? We have seen Saif having lots of break up’s with his girlfriends, so how can it be assured that he really loves Kareena. Saif was linked with many people in the industry. He had a break-up with his wife Amrita Singh and then his affair went on with the Italian Model Rosa. He parted ways with Rosa and then he was linked with Bipasha after Bips it was Yana Gupta and finally the train has landed on the Kapoor Platform. What im trying to say here is – what is the assurance that the train will stay on one platform???


Well, it’s very obvious that Saif will soon part ways with Kareena (Kareena will be left alone because she has already broken her relationship with her boyfriend Shahid.) and find another lady for himself. If we see Saif’s previous record, that’s what he usually does. So that means all the love affair is not serious or it could also be that Saif might surprise us by going against his rules and sticking to one girl and That would be Kareena………………. But do you think that can happen?

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