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Mahendra Singh Dhoni bowled by Deepika Padukone

The captain of the Indian team seems to be attracted to the Om Shanti Om beauty.Dhoni had invited Deepika to watch the match at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai and Deepika was so keen on watching Dhoni in action that she cancelled all her commitments for the day just to be present there. According to a source Bhushan Kumar, the T-Series head honcho, was keen that the Om Shanti Om leading lady attend his sister Tushali’s party in Delhi tomorrow but Deepika begged off saying that she wants to see Dhoni in action on the ground. Deepika was present at the stadium with the King Khan of Bollywood and many of her other friends. Well Deepika surely has a soft corner for Dhoni. All this admiration is not one sided, Dhoni also is equally attracted to Deepika and he keeps expressing his admiration for Deepika to everyone.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni bowled by Deepika Padukone

At the recent T 20 match Dhoni had said Shah Rukh that he was waiting for the release of Om Shanti Om and he will surely watch the movie and now we all know why he will surely watch the movie. Let’s wait and watch who knows Dhoni might watch the movie with Deepika???

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