Rani Mukherjee to Get Married Next Year

It’s been said that Rani Mukherjee will soon be tying a knot. Wanna know who her Dulha is? Who else, it’s Aditya Chopra. The twp had been dating each other and now there are marriage plans going on. It was rumored that the couple had been engaged. Well, the news has now come up to their marriage. The marriage is said to be fixed on February 10th next year. The couple will start their new life in a luxurious hotel in Jodhpur. It is the most expensive place in India to get married and the couple has chosen that place to tie a knot. It is also said that this wedding will be a private affair and the media will not be allowed to catch a glimpse of this wedding.


Looks like the stars are influenced by Abhishek and Aishwarys’s wedding and don’t want to involve the media at their wedding. So it will be a private wedding with just good friends and relatives. Hmmmm, so definitely all the fans of Rani will be disappointed that they cannot catch the glimpse of their favorite star at her wedding. Come on that’s not fair, at least the media should be allowed at the wedding so that Rani’s fans can see her on this occasion.

4 thoughts on “Rani Mukherjee to Get Married Next Year

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