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KBC colorful with Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee

It is going to be a whole lot of color, fun and surprise for the show this Thursday. And celebrity guests are none other than Peppy Preity Zinta and Ravishing Rani Mukherjee. Though both are not very comfortable with each other, SRK makes sure they share a strong rapport on the show. Check out the few attractions of this episode:


‘Holi Hungama’ begins with special jargons for the episode. It is going to be: 50:50 Ki Pichkari Hai, Audience Poll Ki Gulaal Hai, Phone A Friend Ka Rang Hai and Flip Ki Gujjia Hai! And instead of ‘Freeze it’ it will be ‘Yeh Jawab Ko Rang Laga Do Shahrukh’! And that’s not enough…wait till the end to see how the audience conspire against the sweetheart host…A sure dose of masti. Do not miss it on 1st March at 9 p.m!

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