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“Water” lost Oscar to “The Lives of Others”

Deepa Mehta’s “Water”, a film on some dark sides of India by an Indian director, which was satirically Canada’s official nomination for the 79th Annual Academy awards lost the prestigious award to Germany’s “The Lives of Others”.


But don’t let the disappointment seep in because though the last country to view it, India will see the film releasing on the 9th of March. So be prepared to set the mood right for one of the master pieces world has bowed to!

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  1. Jasmin

    August 14, 2009 at 7:32 am

    yeh im first!!!! whoooooppppeeeee!! anyway we should not waste water u know !! poor people dont even have a sip of water and we like waste tons and tons of it!! safe water from drowning away!! lol

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