Mira Nair has a golden catch: Johnny Depp and Amitabh Bachchan

Mira Nair couldn’t hope for better. She has got he best of Hollywood and Bollywood in her next film Shantaram, which goes on floor after her latest project “Namesake” releases in March. Johnny Depp and Amitabh Bachchan would share the screen in Nair’s next project Shantaram. The ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ star will be playing the central character in the film, Mr Bachchan would be the kind-hearted Mumbai gangster. Johnny Depp had himself approached the New York based Indian Filmmaker to direct Shantaram.


Shantaram will be extensively shot in Australia, China and India. The film is the screen adaptation of Gregory David Roberts’ book of the same name. The story is of true global value and is about an Australian convict called Roberts (Depp) who is caught for a Bank robbery and for heroin addiction. Roberts flees from prison and comes to Mumbai, India. In Mumbai he confronts the mafia and befriends Kader Bhai (Bachchan). Kader Bhai becomes his mentor and guide and Roberts finally decides to help the slum dwellers and starts a health centre that provides free medical facilities to the poor.

5 thoughts on “Mira Nair has a golden catch: Johnny Depp and Amitabh Bachchan

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  2. Johnny Depp is an amazing man and actor. He is my all time idol, he inspires me and my family. I love the silly faces he is so formal when it come to acting and that is what also love about him. I would love to meet someday. We love you Johnny Depp

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