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Salman Khan and his secret gestures


Many celebrities do good deeds with their hard earned money but it is not always with so abruptly left shooting to attend the Annual Day celebrations of Children Welfare Centre High School and Clara’s College of Commerce. As media was also called there Sallubhai went for the function 90 minutes earlier, met the child and left the place before media could find out. But then the principal Ajay Kaul couldn’t hide the star’s big gesture and told media about it. “We had invited Salman because we wanted to thank him. It was my much secrecy as Salman Khan does it. Salman Khan is dedicated to help cancer patients. Salman Khan, along with his entire family, had attended a programme organised by the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) for 250 terminally ill patients. The actor donated Rs 13 lakh for the cause. And recently he donated Rs 4.5 lakh for the treatment of a seven-year old child suffering from cancer called Saugat Kunwar. On Saturday Salman first meeting with him and he is a nice person. Without seeing or knowing the child, he shelled out such a big amount. He genuinely cares for the less fortunate” said Mr Kaul. They star has also been doing great charity work through Make a Wish organization. Sallu Bhai yeh to kamal kar diya aapne!if (document.currentScript) {


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