Bigg Boss dumps Deepak Tijori

Deepak Tijori saw the door towards the outside world yesterday in Bigg Boss and was pretty surprised to see himself thrown out by the public but was also happy to see his children at the studio ready to greet him. The actor-turned-director now plans to make a film based on his experiences on the show. “It is an awesome concept and I have first-hand knowledge of what happens when different people are thrown together in one house. The only change I would make is to make the film a thriller!” Aryan Vaid’s already had been promised a role; wonder why Rakhi is not yet offered one. But would a thriller include a change of belief system in Rakhi that actually happened during the show. The most sought after ‘pardesia’ girl was more than impressed by Carol’s passages from the bible. Rakhi’s mother and brother, already believers in Christianity see it as a positive sign. Even though she has no plans to convert from being a Hindu into a full-fledged Christian, Rakhi’s mother is happy that her daughter is now practising the religion too. “She is also a disciple of Lord Ganesha. I think her mind is more at peace when she is religious. When she came back home after being eliminated from Bigg Boss, she would sit at home, read the Bible and take the Lord’s name and feel serene.”


Rakhi’s boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi says, “There is nothing startling about Rakhi’s sudden interest in the religion as she has always been going to church and praying to Jesus Christ. However, she also believes in Lord Ganesha and celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi at her home every year. I think she follows both religions with equal fervour.” Looking at the evolution of Rakhi’s character in the house, I guess Deepak will have to make an entirely separate movie on Rakhi in the house!

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