Sanjay Dutt given two more days of freedom!

Bollywood is a plethora of news for sure… aaj ki taaza khabar to yeh hai ki Sanju Bhai ki bail extend ho gayi mamuuuu!!!


Sanjay Dutt has been granted two more days of freedom before the dark uncertainty looms over him… once he surrenders and is taken into custody, no one knows what his future will be like! And that’s why he’s pleaded for an extension of his bail so that he can make preparations for his daughter, who’s coming to India on 23rd, and spend time with her…

Sanju also pleaded to the court that his father, late Sunil Dutt, died without making a will… so he had to allocate and streamline the list of their properties and also maneuver with his roles and films… crores of rupees and millions of hopes are vested on the 40+ years old man’s shoulders… hope he gets a chance to live up to all of them…

May God be with you Sanjay… appun aur Akkhi country tere liye pray karegi baap!!!

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